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Wednesday 16/September/2020: Prof Rob van Tulder on "Principles of sustainable business"

Companies are increasingly acknowledged as vital contributors to the global sustainability agenda. Their ability to innovate, scale and invest – alone and together with societal partners – potentially provides the means for developing business models that can seriously enhance sustainable development. Arguably the most important frame to achieve this ambition was introduced in 2015, through the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs-agenda defined not only goals and targets, but also the general principles to implement them up to 2030. According to modest estimates, realizing the SDGs provides a yearly US$12 trillion investment and growth opportunity, while creating hundreds of millions of jobs in the process. But the implementation pace is slow, and initiatives are fragmented. Companies are embracing the SDGs, yet in a reactive and modest manner. In this talk, Prof. van Tulder speaks about his forthcoming book “principles of sustainable business” which provides a timely account of the barriers and opportunities that need to be addressed in order to enhance the effectiveness of corporate involvement in the SDG endeavour.